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DiRT 4

Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Rating: PEGI 3+
Genre: Racing & Flying
Released: 09/06/2017
Play Count: 1,452,586
Rating: 0 / 10
The worlds leading offroad racing series is back DiRT 4 puts you at the wheel of the most powerful machines ever made as you face the toughest roads on the planet in rally rallycross landrush The game changing Your Stage system allows you to create millions of routes at the touch of a button


Thanks for Coming - 5
Completed the Welcome Event
International Rally R-3 - 20
Earned the International Rally R-3 licence
International Rally R-1 - 25
Earned the International Rally R-1 licence
International Rally H-C - 15
Earned the International Rally H-C licence
International Rally H-A - 20
Earned the International Rally H-A licence
National Stadium Pro-3 - 15
Earned the National Stadium Pro-3 licence
National Stadium Pro-1 - 20
Earned the National Stadium Pro-1 licence
International Off-Road C-3 - 15
Earned the International Off-Road C-3 licence
International Off-Road C-1 - 20
Earned the International Off-Road C-1 licence
A Bonafide Underdog Story - 50
Got an overall win in the lowest eligible Vehicle Class in a Rally Event in Career
First on the GRID - 15
Qualified in the top spot of a Rallycross Event in Career
Truckasaurus - 15
Qualified for an A-Final in a Landrush Event in Career
First you have to finish - 10
Finished in first place in a Career Event
Global Superstar - 40
Won the Global Rally Series
Rubbing, son, is racing - 40
Won the FIA World Rallycross Championship
It's all terrain, dummy - 40
Won the Landrush World Series
Obsolete Models a Specialty - 40
Won the Historic Legends Series
Completed it mate - 100
Won the Triple Crown
...now watch this Drive - 25
Completed all of the Advanced Driving Techniques at the DiRT Academy
New R-Evolution - 25
Owned a vehicle equipped with all Grade A parts
Textbook - 15
Won your class in a multi-class Event in Career
Never Raced or Rallied - 5
Bought a vehicle from the Classifieds
Make The Dream Work - 10
Hired a fourth Engineer onto your Team
Be Brave - 20
Completed a Stage or race with the Fearless Preset active
Four-titude - 15
Earned the Fearless Bonus in a Stage or race
I am the 7.7% - 5
Won a Stage in Headcam
Real turbulent juice - 10
Cleanly landed a jump longer than 65m
Cleaned up nicely - 10
Completed a clean Stage or race
This is fine - 10
Triumphed in the face of adversity
Mondays be like... - 5
...it's gonna be a long week
Chapter and Verse - 15
Set a time in every challenge in a single Joyride Chapter
Always Believe - 15
Achieved 10 Gold medals in Joyride
Precisely - 15
Set a Gold medal time in a Time Attack challenge without hitting a penalty marker
Kenneth? What's the frequency? - 20
Destroyed 100 blocks in 60 seconds in Joyride
The Day Today - 15
Finished in the Second Tier or higher of a Daily in Community Events
Delta Force - 10
Finished in the Top Tier of a Delta Daily in Community Events
Flavour of the Week - 40
Completed back to back Weekly Community Events
DiRTy Dozen - 60
Completed all 12 Stages of a Monthly Event in Community Events
tankflybosswalk - 15
Completed an Event in Jam Session
The Nightman Cometh - 10
Won a Stage at night
Taps Aff - 5
Finished a Stage in sunny conditions in Community Events or Clubs
Up and up - 25
Got promoted to a new Tier in Pro Tour
Sweaty - 50
Completed 25 Events in Pro Tour
Little Help? - 5
Called in the Chief Engineer's recommendations during a Service Interval
Double Yolker - 10
Took two Joker Laps and won a Rallycross race
rAd-hoc - 10
Repaired your car on Stage and won the Stage
Limp Home - 10
Finished three sectors of a Stage with a flat tyre
Tooled Up - 10
Upgraded three Facilities to Grade A quality

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