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The Walking Dead

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Genre: Action & Adventure
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 5 / 10
Episode one of a fivepart game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkmans awardwinning series Play as Lee Everett a convicted criminal who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead Experience events meet people and visit locations that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes A tailored game experience actions choices and decisions you make will affect how your story plays out across the entire series More episodes available as DLC

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Out of the Frying Pan - 0
Freed from your cuffs, but...
Adventures in Babysitting - 0
Escaped from Sandra and met Clementine.
In Your Charge - 0
Found help and are now responsible for a little girl.
Rock and a Hard Place - 0
Chose between two sons.
It's Just One Bullet - 0
Met a girl at the end of her rope.
Hey, Bud - 0
Finally reunited with your brother.
Two Enter, One Leaves - 0
Chose between friends.
Everything's Going to be Okay - 0
Completed Episode 1: A New Day.
Going Hungry - 0
Dealt with a stranger caught in a bear trap.
Conversation Killer - 0
Reacted to the surprise attack on Katjaa.
Thank You for Shopping! - 0
Had a showdown with a crazy woman.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - 0
Discovered the source of the food.
Too Much Salt Will Kill You - 0
Chose sides, but was it worth it?
Taking Charlotte - 0
Took out Danny and kept his gun.
You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer - 0
Watched Andy die.
It's Not Stealing If You Need It - 0
Completed Episode 2: "Starved For Help"
Goodbye, She Quietly Says - 0
Chose a stranger's fate.
Bad Blood - 0
Temporarily defused a tense situation.
Hit the Road - 0
Left the Motor Inn to the bandits.
What now? - 0
A friend sets out in search of home.
Handle It - 0
Provided some tough love.
Unexpected Delay - 0
Chose who needed you more.
Look Behind You - 0
Made it out of the train station with precious cargo.
Lend Me Your Ears - 0
Completed Episode 3: "Long Road Ahead"
Georgia's First City - 0
Arrived in Savannah.
Down By The River - 0
Searched River Street.
Support Group - 0
Discovered the refugees in the sewer.
Bedside Manor - 0
Returned to the manor with medical assistance.
Georgia's Last City - 0
Infiltrated the fallen district.
For Whom The Bell Tolls - 0
Made a merciful decision regarding someone's fate.
The Morning After - 0
Awoke to find Clementine gone.
Penultimate - 0
Completed Episode 4: "Around Every Corner"
Into The Fire - 0
Arrived on the hospital roof.
Twice Shy - 0
Returned to the attic.
There Ain't No Way - 0
Broke out of the manor house.
Mercy - 0
Sacrifices were made.
The Marsh House - 0
Arrived at your destination.
What's in the bag? - 0
Confronted a stranger.
Stay Close To Me - 0
Made it out, but…
What Remains - 0
Completed Episode 5: "No Time Left"
Chain Gang - 0
Escaped from the prison bus.
Abandoner - 0
Separated from your best friend.
Friends Like These - 0
Survived Nate.
Who Goes There? - 0
Left someone important in a corn field.
Paradise Lost - 0
Chose what was best for your younger sister.
Loose Ends - 0
Reaped what you sowed.
Two out of Three - 0
Won a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors.
Reunited - 0
Found an old friend.

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