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Doritos Crash Course

Developer: Wanako Games / A2M
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: Avatar
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 5 / 10
Doritos Crash Course is a fastpaced funny obstacle course game show for your Avatar to compete against your friends and family over XboxLive

Bonxy Stats

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Hours Played: 0


That's Gotta Hurt - 0
Got smashed by 3 hammers in a row
Competitive Spirit - 0
Beat a friend in an Xbox LIVE race
Roadrunner - 0
Run at top speed when you're about to wipe out
Tarzan - 0
Swung from rope to rope 10 times in a row
Frequent Flyer - 0
Flew from fan to fan 20 times in a row
Hopscotch - 0
Bounced from trampoline to trampoline 12 times in a row
Social Climber - 0
Finished every level in Xbox LIVE
Sore wa kantan desu - 0
Finished Japan level 4 with a time of 1:40 or better
American Hero - 0
Finished the USA Levels
Euro Star - 0
Finished the Europe Levels
I’m Big in Japan - 0
Finished the Japan Levels
Going for Gold - 0
Earned a gold medal on each level
London Bridge - 0
Survived the collapsing bridge in London 5
Party Pooper - 0
Popped 5 balloons in a row
Hats off to You! - 0
Got launched through the magic hat in Vegas 5

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