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Battlefield 1943

Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE AB
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Shooter
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 5 / 10
The fight for the Pacific has begun Pick your path be it as a rifleman fighter pilot or tank driver Play as a lone wolf or with your friends coordinating to turn the tide of battle Whatever you choose you get to enjoy the thrill of a fully featured online shooter with the unique Battlefield gameplay

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Attacker - 0
Capture five flags
Best Squad - 0
Be in the best squad on all three maps
Tour of Duty II - 0
Play one hundred matches
Defender - 0
Defend five flags
Master of your domain - 0
Get one kill playing as each class
Milkrun - 0
Fly a plane for 10 minutes
Motorman - 0
Get one kill with car, tank and plane
Parachutist - 0
Use the parachute once (2 seconds)
The Pacific Campaign - 0
Win once on every map as any team
Tour of Duty I - 0
Play 30 matches
Veteran - 0
Cap 25 enemy flags
Melee Man - 0
Melee kill one enemy player

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