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Marble Blast Ultra

Developer: GarageGames.com
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: Platformer
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 5 / 10
Race your marble through more than 50 levels of moving platforms and perilous obstacles suspended in a skyhigh Astrolabe Arena Compete on Xbox Live with up to 7 opponents in an all out multiplayer blast fest to see who can collect the most gems before time runs out

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Timely Marble - 0
Finish any level under par time.
Apprentice's Badge - 0
Complete all Beginner Levels.
Journeyman's Badge - 0
Complete all Intermediate Levels.
Adept's Badge - 0
Complete all Advanced Levels.
Marble-fu Initiate - 0
Finish all Beginner levels under par time.
Marble-fu Master - 0
Finish all Intermediate levels under par time.
Marble-fu Transcendent - 0
Finish all Advanced levels under par time.
Egg Seeker - 0
Find any hidden easter egg.
Egg Basket - 0
Find all twenty easter eggs.
First Place - 0
Get first place in a multiplayer match.
Gem Collector - 0
Get 75 points in a multiplayer match.
Veteran Battler - 0
Collect 2,000 total points in multiplayer.
Blue Gem Hunt - 0
Collect a blue gem in a Marble It Up! multiplayer match.
Map Pack Dominator - 0
Get 40 gems in any 3 of Playground, Bowl, Concentric, Vortex Effect, Blast Club (Marble Fu pack).
Master of the Spires - 0
Collect 50 gems in Spires (Agoraphobia pack).

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