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Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures

Developer: HitPoint Studios
Publisher: Microsoft® Studios
Genre: Family
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 0 / 10
Join Tinker Bell and her fairy friends as you journey into the magical world of Pixie Hollow

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Seeker - 0
You found a mushroom in the Pixie Dust Tree!
Helper - 0
You asked Blaze for a hint.
Talented - 0
You discovered Tink's talent during the welcoming ceremony.
Bright - 0
You helped Tink assemble her light gadget.
Arrival Day - 0
You lifted the flower to the council chambers in the Pixie Dust Tree.
Crafty - 0
You crafted a full order of kettles using Tink's kettle maker.
Nookish - 0
You sent Cheese out with his delivery wagon in Tinkers' Nook.
Inventor - 0
You helped Tinker Bell complete three different blueprints for her inventions.
Springified - 0
You built the springifier to plant Rosetta's seeds in Dewdrop Vale.
High-Flying - 0
You helped to tinker the first hawk-shaped kite in the history of Pixie Hollow.
Tinker Talent - 0
You helped Tinker Bell repair Wendy's lost music box in Lost Thing Cove.
Pixie Pesterer - 0
You bothered Tink!
Twig Appeal - 0
You learned all about the houses in Tinkers' Nook.
Kettle Guru - 0
You assembled all the kettles without a mistake during the kettle making game!
Acrobatics - 0
You saw each of the water beetles slide down the big blade of grass in Dewdrop Vale.
Green Thumb - 0
You helped Tinker Bell wake up all the sproutlings in all five locations.
Collector - 0
You helped Tinker Bell find all of the Lost Things in all five locations.
Deja Vu - 0
You replayed a location from the map.
Starry-eyed - 0
You earned three stars in every location on the map!
Illuminator - 0
You lit all of the crystal torches in Pine Tree Grove before doing anything else.
Scout - 0
You found a pair of binoculars in Tinkers' Nook.
Getting In Gear - 0
You helped repair the flower pulley's drive chain in Tinkers' Nook.
Thorny Problem - 0
You helped build the thistle-tickling gadget in Tinkers' Nook.
Healing Talent - 0
You made mud medicine for the injured mouse in Autumn Forest.
Berry Express - 0
You helped create a contraption that transported berries out of Autumn Forest.
Bubbly Berries - 0
You filled up the berry blower contrpation with berries in Autumn Forest.
Cricket Care - 0
You reunited the cricket with her babies in Sunflower Gully.
Rainbow Arranger - 0
You helped create a contraption that sorted all the spilled rainbows in Sunflower Gully.
Mussel Mirror - 0
You gathered the rainbows into Tink's contraption by using mussel shell mirrors in Sunflower Gully.
Spring Cleaning - 0
You talked to Rosetta about the sprinting thistles in Buttercup Canyon.
Flying Colors - 0
You traded some pollen to the bee who was guarding a towel in Buttercup Canyon.
Painted and Packed - 0
You helped create a contraption to repaint all of the mispainted ladybugs in Buttercup Canyon.
Bait and Switch - 0
You found something tasty to lure Cheese into Needlepoint Meadow.
Shepherd - 0
You rounded up all of the thistles with Cheese's help.
Spring Savior - 0
You lulled the sprinting thistles in Needlepoint Meadow.
Insect Inspector - 0
You found the hidden water beetle in all five locations in Saving Spring.
Gear Head - 0
You placed all the gears from right to left while you were repairing the pulley in Tinkers' Nook.
Look Out - 0
You made the mother cricket look back and forth five times on her seed pile in Sunflower Gully.
Berry Mischievous - 0
You popped three different bubbles before they reached the berry pile in Buttercup Canyon.
Thistle Wrangler - 0
You earned a 5x combo in Thistle Round-Up by herding five thistles into the corral all at once.
Autumn Lights - 0
You found an orange lantern in the Council Chambers!
Sludge Budger - 0
You cleaned away the slime from the blueprint cupboard in the Council Chambers.
Expert Extractor - 0
You used tongs to lift a blueprint out of a bowl of berry paint in the Council Chambers.
Unorganization - 0
You found all of the scepter parts that Terence 'organized' in Tinker Bell's house.
Beetle Powered - 0
You set the water beetle into the wheel of the fire-tending contraption in Tinker Bell's house.
Scepter Synergy - 0
You helped to assemble Tink's scepter design in Tinker Bell's house.
Stage Fright - 0
You talked to Verse about the script problem in Fairy Tale Theatre.
Music Makers - 0
You returned the orchestra animals to their podium in Fairy Tale Theatre.
Fixer-Upper - 0
You came up with a plan to repair the old contraption in Fairy Tale Theatre.
Rise and Shine - 0
You woke up the slumbering bookworm in the Book Nook.
Unjumbled! - 0
You picked up the netted golden book in the Book Nook.
Whole Lot of Net - 0
You found all of the rope that Tink needed for her cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley.
Squirmy - 0
You shooed the snail on the floor in the Council Chambers completely out of view.
Slime Swiper - 0
You wiped the moonsnail slime from a slimy door handle in a single motion.
Cuckoo! - 0
You made the cuckoo clock cricket pop out of his clock in Tinker Bell's house.
Maestro - 0
You won a game of Conductor Says with the orchestra animals in Fairy Tale Theatre.
Artisan - 0
You saved a scepter design that you created in free play mode in The Scepter Workbench.
Charm Scout - 0
You found all eight of the talent charms!
Revelry Ready - 0
You built all eight of the scepters shown on the old blueprints in The Scepter Workbench.
Lofty Aspirations - 0
You fully assembled Tinker Bell's cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley.
String Music - 0
You learned how to use Tink's spider serenading gadget at The Landing Site.
Gourd Gatherer - 0
You released the gourd trapped in the rocks on the hillside at The Stone Arch.
Drawbridge - 0
You lifted the log to let Tinker Bell's boat float downstream at The Stone Arch.
Pathfinder - 0
You completed a path to shore for Tinker Bell at The Marsh.
Milkweed and Honey - 0
You lured the firefly to Tinker Bell's scare-rat contraption at The Marsh.
Sun Powered - 0
You melted the candle using mussel shell mirrors in The Captain's Quarters.
Lost Treasure - 0
You found the Mirror of Incanta in The Captain's Quarters.
High Flyer - 0
You flew back to Pixie Hollow in Tinker Bell's balloon.
Ticklish - 0
You tickled the sleeping mouse at The Landing Site at least five times.
Conquistador - 0
You earned three stars in all five locations in North of Never Land.
Rockstar - 0
You never missed a note with Tink's spider serenader when you played through one location.
Blue Skies Ahead - 0
You scored over 2,500,000 points in a balloon ride in The Journey Home.
Precise Schematics - 0
You completed the blueprint in the Marsh moving in order from left to right, bottom to top.
Quickest Contraption - 0
You assembled the ultimate scare-rat contraption in The Galley in under forty five seconds.
Lucky Stars - 0
You activated the star multiplier three times during a single balloon ride in The Journey Home.
Coaxed by Clover - 0
You lured the cricket off of the handwraps in the Slug Slide lounge.
Open the Ceremonies - 0
You helped Queen Clarion find all of the banners in the Slug Slide lounge.
Sluggish - 0
You slipped and slided your way to victory by completing a match of Slug Slide.
Game Saver - 0
You grew a bushel of polo balls by reviving the baby oak tree in the Mouse Polo lounge.
Mouse Medic - 0
You found a cure for Mouse Polo's most valuable player, Cheese.
Fancy Fieldwork - 0
You scrambled ahead of the competition by winning a match of Mouse Polo.
Tune-Up Tinkering - 0
You helped Tinker Bell assemble a derby cart in the Pixie Cart Derby lounge.
Championship Winner - 0
You won the championship trophy in the Pixie Hollow Games.
Power Pollinator - 0
You set off a chain of 20x or more in a match of Flower Power-Up.
Stunt Driver - 0
You successfully navigated all three different shortcuts in a single Pixie Cart Derby race.
Unwound! - 0
You opened all of the team lockers in the Pixie Cart Derby lounge in a minute and a half or less.
Sweetly Specific - 0
You popped exactly 25 pieces of pollen during a single game of Flower Power-Up.
Slide Ruler - 0
You earned three stars in every level of Slug Slide.
Landslide! - 0
You won a match of Mouse Polo by 15 points or more.
Obstacle Ahead! - 0
You completed the Pixie Cart Derby without hitting a single obstacle.
No Boost Needed - 0
You completed the Pixie Cart Derby without picking up any pixie dust.
Lantern Lit - 0
You turned on all four lanterns in the tunnel that leads to the Coliseum in the Slug Slide lounge.
Slug Maze - 0
You completed Level 26 of Slug Slide in exactly eight moves.
Game On! - 0
You earned three stars in every location in The Pixie Hollow Games.
Goal Line Defender - 0
You won a game of Mouse Polo by allowing your teammate to score all of the goals.

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