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Rocket Riot 3D

Developer: Codeglue
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: Action & Adventure
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 0 / 10
Rocket Riot 3D packs hundreds of zany characters aggressive minibosses tons of tough bosses and crazy visual effects into one rocket package Obliterate your friends with multiplayer challenges or achieve a personal best in the single player campaign In this awesomely 8bit styled game blast your way through the environment or hide behind it battling the strangest enemies you will ever encounter

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Deathless Destruction - 0
Finish a destroy the object level without killing an enemy.
Nice Beating You - 0
Defeat the first boss in the pirate theme.
One Meeeeeelion Blocks! - 0
Destroy 1,000,000 blocks.
I'll Show You Fits Of Rage - 0
Shoot 20 enemies in 60 seconds.
You're Like Some Kind Of Robot - 0
Get 50 longshots.
Been There, Shot That - 0
Use every power-up at least once.
Two Thumb Master - 0
Finish the single player campaign.
On A Gamer's Diet - 0
Shoot 50 zombies, 50 robots, 50 pirates and 50 soldiers.
Natural Born Gamer - 0
Shoot 5,000 enemies in total.
The Things I've Seen - 0
Shoot every type of enemy at least once.
A Wilhelm Scream - 0
Fight the final boss and fail miserably.
One Shot, Thrice The Score - 0
Kill 3 enemies with one shot.
He Just Wants A Hug! - 0
Make a giant Strongman miniboss follow you around for 20 seconds.
Stake-Out! - 0
Defeat 1,000 donuts in the Dream World pack.
Hold The Ketchup! - 0
Don't destroy ANY ketchup!
Demon Hunter - 0
Defeat the final boss in the Dream World pack.
Art Critic - 0
Have every pixel in a level from the Arts & Crafts pack destroyed at the same time.
Oh Derpfish, you so awesome! - 0
Finish every level in the Arts & Crafts pack playing as Derpfish.
Defeat Spartacus while playing as Spartacus.
Who's guarded now? - 0
Shoot 12 bouncy rockets into the Roman encampment.
The horse screamer - 0
Punch the horse to make it explode.
It's called a dirigible - 0
Defeat all the enemies in the level from inside the zeppelin.
Say cheese! - 0
Share a screenshot at the end of a Rugby Riot level.
Bananabros! - 0
Finish a deathmatch level by letting your banana bros defeat all the enemies.

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