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Microsoft Flight

Developer: Microsoft Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: Strategy & Simulation
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 0 / 10
Experience the thrill and wonder of flight with Microsoft Flight This free download gives you the opportunity to explore the skies over the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii in the stateoftheart Icon A5 or the classic Boeing Stearman Enjoy hours of gameplay with a variety of exciting missions challenges that will test your skills and hidden Aerocaches that will give you yet another reason to explore

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Fledgling Career - 0
This is where it all begins. You're on your way to being a pilot.
Crashtastic - 0
Even the best pilots have mishaps, but with one out of the way, you should be good.
Download a Free Preview - 0
It's more fun when you can see what aircraft people are flying in multi-player.
Aerocache Neophyte - 0
You're on your way to finding a lot of Aerocaches!
Ten Aerocaches of the Day - 0
Ten Aerocaches of the Day.
Aerocache Hound - 0
You've found 50 Aerocaches.
Pentacontacache - 0
Fifty Aerocaches of the Day
Fly Buddy - 0
Catch this achievement.
G-LOC - 0
Twelve times your body weight is very unhealthy.
Redout - 0
Be a pushover and get the redout.
Inverted - 0
You must like blood pooling in your eyeballs flying inverted so much.
Inverted Down Low - 0
Low is fun. Upside down is fun. Try it.
Dizzy - 0
5 consecutive spins is a lot of times around. Hopefully you pulled out before hitting terra firma.
Aerobat - 0
Aerobatics is a skill not everyone will perfect.
Mach 1 - 0
Break the barrier.
Silent and Deadly - 0
Wow! A deadstick landing with no fuel. Insane skills!
32K - 0
Altitude in this case, not money.
Backwards - 0
If the wind is really blowing, it's not too hard to fly backwards, but landing is another story.
Icon A5 Landing Master - 0
The Icon A5 is a pretty easy aircraft to land. The others will be a lot tougher.
Stearman Landing Master - 0
While the Stearman is easy to fly, landing is a very different proposition.
RV-6A Landing Master - 0
The last two RV-6A landing challenges will require a bit more focus.
Maule M-7-260C Landing Master - 0
The M-7-260C can perform some landings that most aircraft can't. You've mastered these scenarios.
Princely Cargo - 0
Princely cargo for Princeville.
Maui Bound - 0
Transport passengers to Maui for some rest and relaxation.
Tormentor - 0
Tormenting your passengers is generally frowned upon, but it's entertaining.
Flying Zoologist - 0
Animals can make interesting passengers.
Under the Radar - 0
Wonder what all that cargo you're moving is. Must be quite valuable.
Gold Rush - 0
It's tough to get gold on all of these challenges. Be sure to pick the right plane for the task.
Military Brat - 0
There are many military bases throughout the Hawaiian islands.
Hawaii Explorer - 0
One way to explore your surroundings and become a better pilot is to land at all the airports.
Mission Accomplished - 0
You’ve racked up a lot of flight time on these missions, which you can see in your Pilot Profile.
XP Grinder - 0
Grinding for XP can be quick or slow depending on how you do it.
Liquid Airstrip - 0
Rivers can make excellent landing spots as long as you stop over dry ground.
Airborne Mountaineer - 0
Why climb a mountain when you can fly to the top?
Alaskan Gold Mine - 0
Strike it rich by getting gold in the Alaska challenges.
Alaska Landing Master - 0
Alaska is a challenging environment but you’ve proven your skills.
Northern Exposure - 0
Completed a job to the northernmost airstrip in the United States.
Centi-Explorer - 0
With thousands of airports around the world, visiting 100 is a good start.

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