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Forza Horizon 3

Developer: Playground Games
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Rating: PEGI 3+
Genre: Racing & Flying
Released: 27/09/2016
Play Count: 247,164,528
Rating: 1 / 10
THIS IS YOUR HORIZONYoure in charge of the Horizon Festival Customise everything hire and fire your friends and explore Australia in over 350 of the worlds greatest cars Make your Horizon the ultimate celebration of cars music and freedom of the open road How you get there is up to you


Welcome to Your Horizon - 10
Celebrate opening your Horizon Festival site by putting on a spectacular Showcase.
You're the Boss - 10
Expand your Horizon Festival for the first time.
One of Us - 10
Win your first Exhibition Race as Horizon Festival Boss.
Stay on Target - 10
Get 3 Stars on a Danger Sign.
"Do you even... oh, you do" - 10
Get 3 Stars on a Drift Zone.
You're Hired! - 10
Hire a Drivatar for your Drivatar Lineup.
You're Fired! - 20
Fill your Drivatar Lineup and fire a Drivatar to make way for another.
Racer's Paradise - 20
Open a Festival in Surfers Paradise.
First Time Buyer - 10
Visit the Autoshow and buy your first car.
Champ - 10
Win your first championship.
Tonight We Ride - 10
Win your first Street Race.
The Architect - 10
Blueprint and complete an exhibition.
The Player - 10
Complete another player's Exhibition Blueprint.
I'll Just Take This Now - 10
Win your first Midnight Battle.
Like a Needle in The Outback - 10
Find your first Barn Find.
Relic Hunter - 20
Restore 15 Barn Finds.
Throwdown - 10
Create and complete your first Bucket List Blueprint.
Community Crusher - 20
Play 10 player-created Bucket List Blueprints.
Drive to the Music You Love - 10
Sign 4 Radio Stations to your Festival.
Screaming through the Valley - 20
Open a Festival in Yarra Valley.
Bushcraft - 20
Open a Festival in The Outback.
Maxed Out - 20
Fully upgrade a Festival site.
Perform 10 Festival Upgrades.
Like a Boss - 20
Fully upgrade all Festival sites.
Best. Horizon. Ever. - 50
Complete the Final Showcase.
Eat My Dust - 10
Complete 10 Convoy Races.
Got Ourselves a Convoy - 10
Convoy for a total of 100 miles.
Life Complete - 20
Complete every Horizon Bucket List challenge.
Drop in the Bucket - 10
Complete 5 Bucket List challenges.
Who's Hiding These? - 20
Smash all 150 reward boards.
I Know These Roads - 20
Drive down every road in Australia.
This My Jam - 10
Take part in 5 Skill Songs.
Perks of the Job - 10
Obtain a car from the Skill Shop.
I Want It All - 25
Complete every page in the Skill Shop (excluding temporary perks).
5 Star Seller - A+++++ - 10
Sell 5 cars via the Auction House.
Auction Fever - 10
Win a car in the Auction House, then add it to your garage.
Welcome to Horizon Online - 10
Complete 5 online events across Adventure and Freeroam.
Online Adventurer - 30
Complete 25 online events across Adventure and Freeroam.
Bring a Friend - 10
Complete an event in Co-op Campaign.
Road Buddy - 20
Complete 10 events in Co-op Campaign.
Forzatographer - 20
Take a photo of 300 cars for Horizon Promo.
Aussie Rules! - 10
Create and complete a championship featuring only Australian cars.
High Roller - 10
Spend 1 million Credits on a car.
Fly Like a Regal - 10
Jump 300ft on the airport Danger Sign using the Reliant Supervan.
Life's a Drag - 10
Complete a drag race at the Airstrip in every Car Class.
Ooh, Shiny! - 20
Obtain your first Horizon Edition car.
Staying Connected - 10
Visit the Forza Hub from the Pause Menu.
Mini Boss - 10
Reach Level 20.
Final Boss - 25
Reach Level 150.
This. Is. FORZA! - 20
Create and complete a Championship with 100+ miles of racing over 10 events.
Endurance Hero - 20
Create an Exhibition with 25 laps with rolling time of day and complete it against Pro Drivatars.
Exhibition Expert - 20
Complete an Exhibition at every race route in the game.
Horizon Hardcore - 30
Complete a championship starting at every race route in the game.
Art Director - 10
Create a Paint, setup a Tune, and start your Horizon Promo career.
Spoiler Alert - 10
Fit parts from Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk.
Street Racing Champion - 50
Win every Street Race and Midnight Battle.
Starstruck - 10
Earn at least 1 star on 50 different PR Stunts.
PR Superstar - 20
Get 3 stars on all PR Stunts.
Throw Your Weight Around - 10
Get 3 Stars on a Drift Zone in a car weighing at least 2500kg.
Backpacker - 20
Discover every beauty spot in the game.
Forza First - 20
Win a race in the Lamborghini Centenario.
Clever Girl! - 10
Get 3 Stars on 5 different PR Stunts in the 2017 Ford Raptor.
Totally meant to do that... - 10
Perform a Barrel Roll in any Buggy.
Underdog - 10
Get 3 Stars at a PR Stunt in a C Class car.
Welcome to Base Camp - 10
Open the Blizzard Mountain Festival.
Just Getting STARted - 10
Earn your first star at Blizzard Mountain.
Triple Star Performance - 10
Earn 3 Stars at a single route at Blizzard Mountain.
Ding Ding - 10
Reach Round 2 of King of the Mountain.
Final Bout - 20
Reach the final round of King of the Mountain.
Going Supernova - 30
Get every possible star at Blizzard Mountain.
And Long May They Reign - 20
Complete every single King of the Mountain Race.
Frozen in Time - 10
Find the Blizzard Mountain Barn Find and Restore it.
It's Not Over - 10
Complete a Blizzard Mountain Championship.
Mountain Mastery - 30
Complete every Blizzard Mountain Championship.
Hail to the King - 50
Win the Kingmaker.
Snowboarding - 20
Smash every Blizzard Mountain Bonus Board.
Winter Wonderland - 20
View every Beauty Spot on Blizzard Mountain.
Snow and Tell - 10
Blueprint a Blizzard Mountain Bucket List Challenge.
Needs More Blizzard - 10
Blueprint a King of the Mountain race, set weather to "Blizzard" and complete it.
Still Never Found That Yeti - 20
Drive down every road in Blizzard Mountain.
The Ice Breaker - 10
Complete a Blizzard Mountain Bucket List.
Everyday I'm Shovellin' - 20
Complete all Blizzard Mountain Bucket Lists.
Chillin' With Friends - 20
Complete 20 Online races across Online Freeroam and Online Adventure at Blizzard Mountain.
Ice to See You - 10
Complete 5 Co-op Blizzard Mountain Races.
All Downhill from Here - 20
Finish a Mountain Rush Descent race in the 2016 Ford GYMKHANA 9 Focus RS RX in under 2 minutes.
What's "Safety"? - 20
Beat the Ski Jump World Record (825ft) from a Danger Sign in the 1975 Lancia Stratos HF Group 4.
Slip Sliding - 20
Drift the 1985 Lancia Delta S4 Group B for 35,000 points in a Drift Zone on Blizzard Mountain.
Snowdown - 20
Smash 10 Snowmen in the 2016 Nissan Titan Warrior Concept.
Personally, I Prefer the Air - 20
Pull off 10 Ultimate Air skills in the RJ Anderson #37 Pro 2 Truck on Blizzard Mountain.
It's Still Got It! - 20
Win a Race with a Blizzard in the 1966 Ford F-100 Flareside Abatti Racing Trophy Truck.
Snowboating - 20
Get 100,000 Score in one Chain in the 2016 Subaru #199 WRX STI VT15r Rally Car on Blizzard Mountain.
Gliding it Home - 10
Win a King of the Mountain Race without Snow Tires.
Welcome to Horizon Hot Wheels - 10
Survive your first drive at Horizon Hot Wheels
The Upside Down - 10
Acclimatise yourself and complete your first race at Horizon Hot Wheels
Track Builder - 10
Swap out a stunt for another of your choosing using Stunt Swap Blueprint
Leadin' The Way - 10
Master a track by earning 3 medals for the first time at Horizon Hot Wheels
Speed Boost! - 20
Prove you have the chops to unlock A Class Events at Horizon Hot Wheels
Floor It! - 30
Master A Class Events to unlock S1 Class Events at Horizon Hot Wheels
Hope You Can Handle It - 30
Unlock S2 Class Events, the final challenge at Horizon Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Champion - 50
Hold your nerve to win the Ultimate Hot Wheels Finale
Hot Wheels Hardcore - 30
Complete all races at Horizon Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Stunt Master - 30
Get 3 medals on every Danger Sign, Speed Zone, Speed Trap and Drift Zone in Horizon Hot Wheels
Track Star - 30
Obtain every medal at Horizon Hot Wheels
Founding Year - 10
Complete a race in a car built in 1968 on Hot Wheels Islands
Collector's Edition - 10
Restore the Barn Find on Hot Wheels Islands
Challenge Accepted - 10
Complete a Bucket List challenge at Horizon Hot Wheels
Death Defying - 20
Survive every Bucket List challenge at Horizon Hot Wheels
Master of Friendship - 20
Complete 20 online races across Online Adventure, Co-op or Freeroam in Horizon Hot Wheels
Treasure Hunter - 20
Smash every reward board at Horizon Hot Wheels
Putting that power to good use - 10
Score over 50,000 Drift Points in the Hot Wheels Twin Mill in Horizon Hot Wheels
Bones Shaken - 10
Jump more than 500ft from a Hot Wheels Danger Sign in the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker
Drifts for Days - 10
Nail 5 Hot Wheels Drifts in the Hot Wheels Ford Mustang
Jeep Trick - 10
Get 10 Ultimate Loop-the-Loops in the 2016 Jeep Trailcat
Ultimate Zen - 10
Finish High Speed Highway in the 2016 Zenvo ST1 in under 2 minutes
Totally meant to do that too! - 10
Land a Barrel Roll in the 2007 Toyota Arctic Trucks Hilux AT38
Hot Lap - 10
Complete the Goliath event in the 2010 Pagani Zonda R in less than 06:30:000
CHARGE! - 10
Hit 200 MPH in the 1972 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger R/T through a speed trap
Wild Card! - 10
Win an S1 Class race in the 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe
Orange is the New Track - 20
Discover every road at Horizon Hot Wheels
Time To Get Serious - 10
Complete your first Championship at Horizon Hot Wheels
Higher, Farther, Faster - 30
Put the time in and complete every Championship at Horizon Hot Wheels
A Complete Hoonatic - 100
Completed a Championship in every Hoonigan Pack car
Born to Hoon - 100
Got 3 Stars on 20 PR Stunts in any Hoonigan Pack car
Send It! - 25
Got 3 Stars on the Hillside Drift Zone in the 1991 Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo
Light The Tires - 25
Won a Street Race in the 1972 Hoonigan Chevrolet "Napalm Nova"
Flight Of The Hoonicorn - 25
Got 3 Stars on the Surfers Park Danger Sign in the 1965 Hoonigan Ford "Hoonicorn" Mustang
Air Sick - 50
Completed a game of Infected in the 1955 Hoonigan Chevrolet Bel Air
Land, Sea And Air - 50
3 Starred the Gold Mine, Shipwreck and Airport Danger Signs in the 1979 Hoonigan ‘Loki’ K5 Blazer
Rockin' Horse - 50
Performed 25 Ultimate Drift Skills in the 1992 Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 Twerkstallion
Got That Swagger - 50
Banked a 300,000 point skill chain in the 1978 Hoonigan Ford Escort RS 1800
Squashed Banana - 25
Performed the Fruit Salad Combo in a Hoonigan Pack car
#Forzathon Elegance in Victory - 0
Win 3 Races in a Bentley to win the #7 M-Sport Bentley GT3
#Forzathon Speedy Luxurious Skills - 0
Perform 20 Speed Skills to earn 55,000 XP
#Forzathon You're Still a Winner - 0
Complete a Championship to win 3 Wheelspins
#Forzathon Eternally Inconveivable - 0
Complete ANY Co-Op event to receive 95,000 CR
#Forzathon Every Racers a Critic - 0
Beat a Rival to earn 35,000 XP
#Forzathon Still Byron's Better - 0
Get 3 Stars on the Byron's Leap Danger Sign to win 3 Wheelspins
#Forzathon The Road Even Less Traveled - 0
Complete 3 Races in an Offroad vehicle to win the Subaru BRAT HE
#Forzathon Jumping For July - 0
Perform 10 Kangaroo Skills to receive 55,000 CR
#Forzathon Slipping For More Stars - 0
Get 3 Stars on any Drift Zone to earn 95,000 XP
#Forzathon Beaming All Along the Way - 0
Complete 3 Races in a BMW to win the BMW M4 HE
#Forzathon Sideways 2 Summer - 0
Complete 3 Drift Zones to earn 3 Wheelspins
#Forzathon Catching Bigger Air - 0
Perform 10 Air Skills to receive 35,000 CR

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