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DiRT 2

Developer: Codemasters Software Company Limited
Publisher: Codemasters Software Company Limited
Genre: Sports & Recreation
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 5 / 10
Codemasters Racing Studio brings you DiRT2 offroad racing now with attitude DiRT2 combines the excitement and aggression of offroad racing with the style and flair of extreme sports Tour the world racing against reallife offroad superstars in eight varied disciplines on tracks ranging from Malaysian jungle sprints to roaring stadium runs in LA Head online for completely customisable 8player racing across all the games tracks and race types

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Big Bucks! - 0
Money! You've earned those Big Bucks!
Dedication - 0
You've won it all! Off the hook!
The Full Set - 0
That's quite a collection of vehicles you've driven.
Gut It Out! - 0
It’s the result that counts! You won an event without winning a single race.
Head Over Wheels - 0
That's some hard charging! You rolled your vehicle but still won the race.
Gnarly! - 0
Flashy finish! You crossed the finish line with no more than two wheels touching the ground!
Keep It Clean! - 0
This game has damage? You won a race without crashing!
Terminated! - 0
That's gotta hurt! You took terminal damage at over 140mph (225km/h).
Nailed an Event - 0
You've won an event. Now it's time to take on the world.
You're The Best, Around! - 0
You've won the grand slam by winning at every track in the game.
Dominated! - 0
That was domination! You got maximum points in a domination event.
That All You Got? - 0
You beat a Superstar's time in a Timed Throwdown.
On The Bubble - 0
You scraped through every cut but still won a Last Man Standing race.
Gate Crashed! - 0
Every gate! That's sick! You hit every gate in a Gatecrasher event.
Friends For Life - 0
You became true friends with a superstar!
Aren't You Popular! - 0
You're pretty popular! You're true friends with four superstars.
Best Friends Forever! - 0
You’re a real crowd pleaser. You're true friends with all the superstars.
Rookie Coming Through! - 0
You gotta start somewhere. You've raced in your first DiRT Tour race.
Pro - 0
You've proved yourself in the Pro division. Now take it to the next level.
All-Star - 0
You're an All-Star driver now!
Piece Of Cake - 0
One challenge down! You've won a Throwdown.
I like a Challenge - 0
The dirty dozen! You've won twelve Throwdowns.
Getting A Reputation - 0
You're getting a reputation out there. You've reached Level 15.
As Good As It Gets - 0
You've reached the pinnacle of your career! You've reached Level 30.
Whose Backyard? - 0
You've beaten the Wonderboy in a Throwdown.
Block Party - 0
You're a Blockbuster. You've beaten Ken in a Throwdown.
Jet Setter - 0
You've raced in every location. You'll need a new passport soon!
World Tour Winner - 0
World domination. You've won all the World Tour Events.
X Games Champ! - 0
Awesome all the way! You've won all the X Games events!
Just Drive! - 0
You drove 100 miles (161 kilometres) without unlocking any other achievement.
For Colin - 0
You've won the Colin McRae Challenge Event.
Five Of Your Best - 0
You're once, twice, five times a winner!
Tourney - 0
You've posted a result in four tournaments.
Famous - 0
You're getting noticed in the online world of DiRT 2. You've made it to Level 15.
Notorious - 0
You've made it to Online Fame Level 30. Respect due!
Rush Hour - 0
You beat the rush-hour gridlock and took the win!
Mix It Up! - 0
You've mixed it up cocktail style and played in every discipline over Xbox LIVE.
In His Footsteps - 0
You followed in Colin's footsteps and won 25 rallies.
With Great Honor - 0
You've proved yourself as a true sportsman and achieved a 'cautious' impact rating.
Mirra Image - 0
You've beaten the Miracle Boy in a Throwdown.
I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost! - 0
Ghostbusted! You downloaded and beat a ghost!
Dialled In - 0
You dialled that setup in and won the race!
Two Cups One Girl - 0
You won two team events with a female team-mate!
X Games Europe Champ - 0
Blimey! You've won X Games Europe.
X Games Asia Champ - 0
Banzai! You've won X Games Asia.
X Games America Champ - 0
Rad! You've won X Games America.
Showboating - 0
You amped up the crowd with that celebration!

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