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Call of Duty WaW

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Shooter
Released: 01/01/1970
Play Count: 0
Rating: 5 / 10
Call of Duty World at War Experience the intensity and brutality of war like never before Unleash the power of the flamethrower flame tanks and other lethal weaponry while battling through the most harrowing campaigns in the Pacific and Europe For the first time ever in Call of Duty play CoOp with up to 4 players on Xbox LIVE In Multiplayer compete on Xbox LIVE to complete challenges gain experience level up and unlock perks to take out your opponents

Bonxy Stats

Hours Played: 0


Carlson's Raiders - 0
Surprised the Japanese with a daring raid of the Makin Atoll.
Stormed Peleliu - 0
Took the fight directly to the Japanese on the island of Peleliu.
The Last Stand - 0
Defeated the Japanese on their own soil in Okinawa.
Stabbed in the Heart - 0
Took the fight deep into the Fatherland.
Get Your Hands Dirty - 0
Completed 'Semper Fi' on Veteran difficulty.
Saved Private Ryan - 0
Saved a soldier from a terrible death.
Bloody Peleliu - 0
Completed 'Little Resistance' on Veteran difficulty.
Weapon of Mass Destruction - 0
You called in a naval bombardment that took out at least 4 Japanese soldiers.
The Sword Is Broken - 0
Completed 'Hard Landing' on Veteran difficulty.
No Safe Place - 0
With the flamethrower, you've shown the enemy that no hiding place is safe.
Architect - 0
Completed 'Vendetta' on Veteran difficulty.
The Professional - 0
Quickly dispatched all of Amsel's henchmen in 'Vendetta' without reloading.
Gunslinger - 0
Assassinated General Amsel with a sidearm.
The Hammer Strikes - 0
Completed 'Their Land, Their Blood' on Veteran difficulty.
Scorched Earth - 0
Completed 'Burn`em Out' on Veteran difficulty.
Firestarter - 0
Made due with only the bare essentials: a regulation M2.
Fearless - 0
Completed 'Relentless' on Veteran difficulty.
Hell on Wheels - 0
Completed 'Blood and Iron' on Veteran difficulty.
Iron Fist - 0
Destroyed all structures in your T-34.
No Return - 0
Completed 'Ring of Steel' on Veteran difficulty.
Ruthless - 0
Efficiently dispatched the enemy while mounted on a tank.
When It Rains, It Pours - 0
Completed 'Eviction' on Veteran difficulty.
Shot in the Dark - 0
Terrorized the enemy in the pitch dark of the Berlin underground.
One Bad Gato - 0
Completed 'Black Cats' on Veteran difficulty.
The Sum of All Zeros - 0
Established air superiority in a PBY Catalina "Black Cat".
Lights Out! - 0
You eliminated the enemy's ability to see your Black Cat.
Blowtorch & Corkscrew - 0
Completed 'Blowtorch & Corkscrew' on Veteran difficulty.
Setting of the Sun - 0
Completed 'Breaking Point' on Veteran difficulty.
Mortar-dom - 0
Your usage of improvised mortars devasted the enemy.
Guardian Angel - 0
You saved Sergeant Roebuck's life.
For the Motherland - 0
Completed 'Heart of the Reich' on Veteran difficulty.
Bearing the Burden - 0
Completed 'Downfall' on Veteran difficulty.
Rough Economy - 0
Demonstrated killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.
Close Shave - 0
Encountered a Banzai attack and lived to tell the tale.
Snake in the Grass - 0
Took out a Japanese soldier camouflaged and hiding in the grass.
Grave Robber - 0
Successfully collected all Death Cards.
Kamikaze - 0
You were crazy enough to try it - completed a mission without firing a single shot.
Throw a Six and a Half - 0
You took it to the enemy and came out of the fray unscathed.
Purple Heart - 0
Awarded for demonstrating courage in the face of adversity.
War Hero - 0
Completed the game on any difficulty and won on all fronts.
Hardened War Hero - 0
Completed the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty and won on all fronts.
Get Your Left Foot Wet - 0
Got online, met some people, and kicked butt in a Campaign Co-Op game session.
Get Your Right Foot Wet - 0
Got online, met some people, and kicked butt in a Competitive Co-Op game session.
Blue Ribbon - 0
Finished in 1st place in a Competitive Co-Op match.
It’s All about Prestige - 0
You achieved the first level of Prestige. Only 9 more to go.
Go Get Some Sun - 0
You achieved the highest level in the game. Time to go outside and find some things to do...
Soul Survivor - 0
You went the distance and proved your will to survive.
Hammer Time - 0
Congratulations. You may now add "General Contractor" to your resume.
Weapon of Minor Destruction - 0
You used a nuke to take out a single zombie. That's a little overkill, don't you think?
Big Baller - 0
You scored 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombie game. You should consider going pro.
Perk-a-Holic - 0
Your cup overfloweth with Perks-a-Cola. What a lush!
Big Brawler - 0
You are a bloodthirsty killer. You sure you don't have a little zombie in you?
Dead Air - 0
Must have been a wrong number.
It's a Trap! - 0
Piles of zombie parts are the trappings of your success.
Fertilizer Man - 0
You've seeded the ground for the Circle of Death.
Deadhead - 0
Congratulations. You may now add "Zombie Headhunter" to your resume.
Locksmith! - 0
Great! More places to run for your life!
The Might of the Monkey! - 0
With zombies about to overwhelm you, it seemed like a good idea...
Wacker Packer! - 0
This is the start of something beautiful!
Frequent Flyer! - 0
We thank you for choosing us as your preferred method of escape!
40 Knives! - 0
THIS is a Knife!
Der Electrician! - 0
Excellent forward thinking, fellow Engineer!
Acquire Waffle Weapons! - 0
International House of Awesome
Perkaholics Anonymous! - 0
You stayed on the wagon until level 20! You have nerves of steel!
Pack Addict! - 0
When enough is NEVER enough!
Elevate Your Senses! - 0
With regards from Group 935

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